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Talk on Swaraj...07/01/2012

Ma Foi Foundation organizes monthly talks on different subjects for college youth under the title, "மெய்பொருள் காண்பது அறிவு" ("to comprehend the truth behind is knowledge", the second half of a famous thirukkural of poet Tiruvalluvar that has "regardless of whatever you hear from whomsoever", as the first half ).  These meetings are aimed to create a serious dialogue of ethical nature amongst the youth in the city, particularly in the industrial belt in northern Chennai where the youth are exposed more to the economic, social and political conflicts of a unsustainable metropolis life.

This Saturday (07/01/2012), I will be taking them through the fundamentals of "Hind Swaraj" as an introduction to a dialogue on the bases of development. 

Ram, Chief Consultant, Samanvaya

Hind Swaraj Film Festival...

The Swaraj Foundation has invited movies on the topics of Hind Swaraj. 

AboutFilms that help us understand the relevance of Gandhi's Hind Swaraj in the context of our lives in the 21st century.. DescriptionM.K. Gandhi wrote Hind Swaraj in 1909. What does it mean today? How can we engage with his invitation more deeply?

More information at the -

Hind Swaraj tri-lingual being released this week...


Posted On Wednesday, December 31, 2008 at 03:51:57 AM

Two pages from tri-lingual “Hind Swaraj” that is being released on January 30. On top is Gandhi’s writing with his right hand whereas on bottom is the scribble that he made with left hand

Gandhi often cribbed about his bad handwriting. This was perhaps because he did not take his handwriting with left hand seriously.

Sample it for yourself. Photographs of his scribbles, both with right and left hands, are printed alongside. You may decide it for yourself which one is better.

Navjivan Press, while coming out with Gandhi’s celebrated book “Hind Swaraj” or “Indian Home Rule” in three languages to mark the centenary of the book’s publication, would make Gandhi’s ambidexterity public.

The book is being released on January 30, Gandhi’s 61st death anniversary, at Navjivan Press off Ashram Road. Incidentally, Navjivan’s copyright monopoly on Gandhi’s works en…

Moments from the Hind Swaraj Conference at Bodhigram

These are photos shot at the Hind Swaraj Conference at Bodhigram, SIDH, Mussoorie. Rev. Samdhong Rimponche. Sri. Ravindra Sharma, Sri. Pawan Gupta, Smt. Radha Behn, Sri. Ransingh Arya, Sri. Shiv Dutt Mishra, Prof. Sharma, Prof. Navjyoti, Prof. Rajiv Sangal, Sri. Udayan Vajpayee, Sri. Chitaranjan and many others spoke. 
My report on the event and a note on Hind Swaraj follows. 
Samanvaya proposes to organize a Hind Swaraj Conference in Tamilnadu in the month of August. Look out for announecement on this shortly.